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  • Covid Courage: Stories of Sydney Jewry

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  • Passover Seder 2024: Guided pesach meditation

    Chag Sameach. This is “Inspired-j” a platform to build experiences for Jews
    across the globe that connect us to our past, present and future.
    This meditation can be utilized at your seder to bring presence,
    connection and a new experience for your guests. Wishing you and your
    family a chag kosher...

  • La Luna
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    La Luna

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    La Luna is a musical that tells the incredible story of Gracia Nasi Mendes, the Renaissance Conversa who saved thousands.

    Book, music and lyrics by Joanna Weinberg. Joanna is an actor, writer and composer with 14 original one-woman shows to her name including the critically acclaimed Pandora’s ...

  • Installation of Rabbi Mordecai and Rabbi Zwarenstein

  • Shir L'Shalom | LIOR Live at Emanuel Synagogue

  • Bedouin Song | LIOR Live at Emanuel Synagogue

  • You Don’t Have To Be Jewish | Live at Emanuel Synagogue

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    In the swinging ’60s and the groovy ’70s, Bob Booker unleashed a series of legendary comedy albums that skyrocketed to the top of the charts, attracting devoted fans from all walks of life, be they Jewish or Gentile.

    Generations have cherished the timeless sketches from these albums, including t...

  • The Caretakers

    The Caretakers explores everyday devotion to spiritual architectural spaces through the prism of two caretakers from a mosque and a synagogue – Emanuel Synagogue. This short documentary film gives intimate, personal access to the locations these people care for by inviting viewers to experience s...

  • Welcome to Emanuel Synagogue

  • Kol Nefesh

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    Be transported to new heights of spiritual bliss! Join us for an enchanting evening filled with soul-stirring song, captivating dance, and heartfelt prayer.

  • Stories that Stir

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    Emanuel Synagogue is collaborating with Stories that Stir to put on an evening for our members and guests. You’ll hear six storytellers share a 10-minute raw and personal story, linked to the theme FAITH, in all its shapes and forms. Please join us for a night of stories that will make you laugh,...